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Pollensa’s 365 steps to el Calvari

Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport to Pollensa

MAJORCABDRIVER- Taxi from Palma Airport to Pollensa. We guarantee that our vehicles for this transfer to Pollensa meet all necessary quality and safety standards.

Details of the trip and transfer: Palma Airport to Pollensa
Distance: 60 km (37.2 mi.)
Estimated time: 50 minutes
Transportation: Taxi

Discover Pollensa with Majorcabdriver

Pollensa, history and culture. Pollenca´s municipality is located on the north side of Mallorca. It´s Contained within the Sierra de Tramuntana. The largest and most important natural area in Mallorca.

The name Pollença sometimes leads people to confuse this town with the ancient Roman city of Pollentia (currently Alcudia). One of the oldest towns and most historically rich in the Spanish Mediterranean is Pollentia.

Being an important Phoenician, Carthaginian, Greek, Roman and Muslim seaport. Aragon´s former King also used this port.

The town of Pollença has an area of 151.65 square km (58.55 sq. mi.) and a population of 16,222 residents. In Pollensa some of the oldest signs of human occupation were left by the Talaiots. Who’s arrival in the city more than 3000 years ago.

However, the Romans were the most well-known inhabitants until Pollensa was attacked by the Vandals. They caused the destruction of the city and forcing the survivors to flee.

Then, the Arabs established the foundations of the city, they built built irrigation systems, allowing an agricultural boom. King James I, Backed by thousands of knights expelled the Arabs in 1229.

During the first half of the 20th century.  Pollença became a colony populated by artists, writers and musicians who discovered the beauty of the region.

What to see

Pollença is a village with medieval tradition and iconic places.  Where you can certainly enjoy wandering the narrow streets and relish the culture and diverse gastronomy.

Pollensa has an ancient Roman bridge over the stream of “torrent of Sant Jordi”,  “the Pont Romà” (below) . Whose earliest written record dates back to 1403. At which time it was known as the ‘Puente de Cubelles’.

´El Roser Vell´ is also worth a visit, a sanctuary that was probably built in the 14th century. It was dedicated to La Virgen del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary).  Pollensa´s patron saint has a church named after him. The Church of La Mare de Déu dels Ángels and is located in the Port of Pollensa.

Loose yourself in the dense, native vegetation of Los Jardines Joan March. El Oratorio de San Jordi, which dates back to the 16th century. This temple was  where men of arms assembled. They then had to travel to the coast of Pollença with the enlistment of pirate ships.

A visit up the 365 steps to the 18th century Chapel of Calvario, You can not only find a sculpture of Jesus Christ but also spectacular views of the mountain and sea alike. You can also visit the Museo de Pollença, which is located in the old Convento de los Dominicos.

Things to do

If you like outdoor activities, you can enjoy Nature and Adventure tours. Go on hiking excursions, or if you like to ride bikes.  There are some undoubtadly breathtaking bicycle routes through Pollença, Alcudia and Puerto de Pollensa with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Pollensa Restaurants

140 restaurants, variety of food and typical cuisine of several countries. You will find Italian restaurants, Thai restaurants, Indian restaurants and restaurants with typical Mallorcan food.

The variety of restaurants is nice, check the link with the best restaurants in the area.

Pollensa Hotels

If you already have accommodation, indicate it when booking your transfer. Majorcabdriver will be your transport to any hotel, hostel, apartment or Villa. Good hotels in the area from € 110. More than 60 hotels in the area, find the one that best fits your vacation in this list. Book your transfer from Palma Airport to Pollensa here.

Events in Pollensa

Pollença has a market held every Sunday that in the main square with all sorts of artisan products. Kitchen utensils crafed from olive wood, bags and accessories, and everything handmade.

Pollença’s regional festival ‘Mare de Déu dels Ángels’ is celebrated every year on the 2nd of August. With a reenactment of the battle of May 30, 1550, where the residents dress up as Christians or Moors.

The Sant day of San Sebastian, 20th of January, the traditional procession of ‘Els Cavallets y l’Estandard’ held in Pollença.
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