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Taxi to Cala Rajada

Taxi from Palma airport to Cala Ratjada

Are you looking to explore the northeast side of Majorca? This is the perfect place. Book your taxi from Palma to Cala Rajada. A beautiful town with a picturesque harbour and everything you need on your next visit to the island.

Book your taxi from Palma’s airport to Cala Rajada with us. Start a perfect stay and an unforgettable holiday in Majorca.

The northeast coast of Majorca

Cala Rajada is located on the northeast coast of the island, in the municipality of Capdepera. Geographically it’s the nearest point to the neighbouring island of Menorca. In fact, on a clear day, you can see the island and its town of Ciutadella from this part of Majorca.

Taxi from Palma airport to Cala Rajada

Cala Rajada offers all kinds of entertainment, such as night clubs, cocktails bars, restaurants, shops nature and beach areas. This certainly is a perfect destination if you want to explore the island and really get to know this side of Majorca, away from tourist massification. The main interesting areas are also very close in distance, a few minutes by taxi will get you anywhere in these areas.

The best beaches in Cala Rajada

There are a few beautiful beaches and coves you can enjoy in this part of the island. Here are some of the most recommended ones.

Cala Agulla

Taxi Cala Agulla
Cala Agulla

This beach is one of the best ones in the area. Not only That is big in extension but it is surrounded by pine trees, sand dunes, desert plants and local nature.

Its waters are clean and transparent making them perfect to bathe on a sunny Majorcan day. This is indeed the perfect place to enjoy a day with the family, as it offers water activities and excursions by boat.

Cala Gat

This is a small cove located in the tourist area of Cala Rajada. Not only having waters are clean and turquoise, it’s quite unique and spectacular. It’s surrounded by some vegetation, which offers a few naturally shaded spots. However the downside is that it is usually crowded, as it is located near the tourist centre of the town.

Sa Font de Sa Cala

This little beach is located near Cala Rajada and Capdepera and it is perfect for families with children. In addition to being surrounded by low rocky walls, the water is very clean, transparent, and has a natural fountain (font in Catalan) that springs into the sea.

Taxi Sa Font de sa Cala
Sa Font de sa Cala

A day in Cala Rajada

Cala Rajada is not only a place with spectacular beaches, as it also offers very interesting plans you can go for if you want to spend the day in this area of Majorca.

Local market in Capdepera

Taxi to Market in Capdepera
Market in Cala Rajada

Capdepera is a medieval town, surrounded by a wall, located very close in distance to Cala Rajada, only a few minutes away by taxi.
One of the main attractions here is to enjoy a day strolling around its market, which takes place every Wednesday, and where you can buy local products, handcrafted pieces and much more.

There is a bigger one in the near town of Artà, only a quick taxi drive from Capdepera or Cala Rajada. This one takes place on Tuesdays and is one of the most visited ones every week.

Aside from the weekly market in Capdepera, a medieval one is celebrated every year on the third weekend of May. It takes place in commemoration of the foundation of the town in 1300 and it offers an experience of how life and habits were back in medieval times. It started taking place in 2000 on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the village.

taxi to medieval market in capdepera
Medieval market in Capdepera

Capedepera is easily and quickly accessible by taxi from Cala Rajada or any other town nearby.

Get your taxi from Palma to Cala Rajada

Taxi from Palma airport

All set and ready for your next visit to Cala Rajada. Are you looking for a taxi from the airport? Book your transfer here and kick-start your holiday in the best possible way.

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