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Taxi from Palma airport to Alcúdia

Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport to Alcúdia. We guarantee that our vehicles for this transfer to Alcúdia meet all necessary quality and safety standards.

Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport (PMI) to Alcúdia

Details of the trip and Taxi from Palma airport to Alcúdia Pickup:

Palma Airport Distance: 60 km (37.2 mi.)
Estimated time: 45 minutes
Transportation: Taxi

City of Alcúdia, history and culture

Taxi to Alcudia


Alcúdia town is located in northeastern Mallorca. Alcudia forms a peninsula with an area of more than 60 square km between the bays of Pollensa and Alcúdia. It’s home to more than 19,000 residents. Ideal for nature lovers, having  30 km of coastline with a great diversity of landscapes, sandy beaches and majestic cliffs.

It is a beautiful area that offers stunning turquoise beaches, with a wide variety of beaches and coves to delight its visitors.

From beaches bustling with people to unspoiled beaches and coves surrounded by pine forests. A natural beauty that makes it feel like paradise.

Alcudia’s historic center is surrounded by the only completely preserved wall. king Jaime II started the building of the wall in the early 14th century. As a Result Alcúdia’s inhabitants were finally protected by it’s completion at the end of the same century. So they thought.


However, it was not enough to drive away the pirates. Nevertheless they continued attacking again and again during the 16th century, causing large numbers of people to flee.

Fortunately, the construction of a port in 1779 saved Alcúdia from decline.

Alcúdia city and the Pollentia archeologic zone were declared a Historic-Artistic Complex by Decree 21/41 on July 20, 1963. Remnants of human occupation in Alcúdia dates back to the Pre-Talaiotic Period (2000–1200 BC).

Talaiots are the megalithic constructions from which the Talaiotic Culture gets its name. They are abundant in this municipality, most notably in the town of Son Simó.

Among the archeological remains of the Roman-city of Pollentia. We can find the smallest Roman amphitheater in Spain. Which was used as a necropolis during Roman times.

Just a few meters away from the heart of Alcúdia. You can still see some of the ancient tombs between the tiers of the theater.  Additionally you can see a set of houses (from the Portella), a theater and the forum area.

Alcúdia’s city has a medieval urban layout, such as narrow irregular streets. Some buildings that still maintain elements that are characteristic of the city’s era of splendor and great architectural value.

Alcudia’s historic center has been restored without losing any of its charm. Such as large pedestrian area that is perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Top attractions

Alcúdia’s main attraction is its wide variety of services and facilities to spend a holiday on the beach. Its ‘mini train’ is great fun and takes visitors from one side of the town to the other.

Alcudia is also a good spot on the island to discover and explore some of Majorca’s main historical and natural sites.

From Alcúdia you can do some of the many excursions that Mallorca has to offer. The ‘Coves of the Drac’ caves, which are located near Porto Cristo. Furthermore a Bronze Age settlement in Artà or the castle of Capdepera.

In Alcudia you can find the puerto deportivo. It’s considered the most important in the northeast of Mallorca with its elegant club náutico.

Things to do

·Alcudia’s Museo of Sa Bassa Blanca Is a contemporary art museum totally integrated with nature. Not only a protected status but also declared a biological reserve.

· Hidropark is a waterpark, great for all the family.

· If you love cycling, Alcúdia offers the chance to discover its routes that run between the mountains and the sea.

Mallorca’s year round weather means that many groups of European cyclists come to our island to practice this sport.

Clearly Alcudia’s great roads, cycle paths and cycle routes makes Alcudia perfect for all types of cycling. For instance hotels have now very good cycle facilities and there’s plenty of bike hire/repair shops. 

Majorcabdriver can organise up to 4 passengers plus 4 bikes. Book your transfer now.

· Golf Alcanada, an 18-hole course with a privileged location. Opened in 2004 with all the services you need to enjoy this sport any time of year.

· For those who love heights, you can practice aero sports in Alcudia and the surrounding areas. For example paragliding, hang-gliding, ballooning or helicopter rides, flying over the island in a hot air balloon or helicopter.

Beach and Marina

Alcudia is the ideal place for nautical activities, aquatic and underwater sports. It boasts a simply spectacular natural environment and a very complete infrastructure. Allowing you to you participate in whatever activity you like.

In Alcudia’s puerto deportivo and also many shops you can rent boats and moorings. Practice sports such as windsurfing, swimming and scuba diving. Clearly ideal for everyone from beginners taking classes to experts and competitions.

· It is a beautiful area that offers stunning turquoise beaches, with a wide variety of beaches and coves to delight its visitors.

From beaches bustling with people to unspoiled beaches and coves surrounded by pineforests and a natural beauty that makes it feel like paradise.

Alcúdia Restaurants

Here 191 restaurants, variety of food and cuisine typical of several countries. You will find Italian restaurants, Thai restaurants, Indian restaurants and above all typical Mallorcan food.

Palma to Alcudia Hotels

If you already have accommodation, indicate it in your reservation. Majorcabdriver will be your transport to any hotel, Villa, apartment or hostel.

Alcudia has hotels from 90 €. It has more than 300 hotels in the area, look for the one that best suits your vacation.


In Alcúdia’s historic center, every Tuesday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. there’s an open air market. Not only local products of the island but also a variety of items such as shoes, clothing, bags and souvenirs.

You can also enjoy an evening market on the Port d’Alcudia boardwalk. Starts early June to late September on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

On September 1, the “Travesía a Nado de Aguas Abiertas” (“Open Water Swim”) will be held in Alcudia. With free registration for anyone who wants to participate.

“Cursa Nocturna Ronda Murada” (“Night time Race Around the Wall”). A race that runs through the interior of the historic center of Alcudia and its medieval walls.

You can join the free guided tour that takes place every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The starting point is the church.

“Un Hivern en Mallorca” (“A Winter in Mallorca”), which includes concerts, guided tours, a jazz festival in September and several local festivals, which are very attractive to visitors.

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